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 Paladin Tank Reqs

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PostSubject: Paladin Tank Reqs   Mon Jun 30, 2008 4:04 pm

I have had alot of help from our GM and others on getting Braxton to his usable (but still advancing) Paladin Tank status. I have heard a few questions during raids about what does a Paladin Tank need to "hold the line" for instance running, here are my limited answers;

1. SPELL DAMAGE: Yes, this is a must for a Paladin Tank. KARAZHAN should be at least +200 to +250 in this area. As you advance to SSC, BT, etc. keep adding at least +50 to +100 spell damage to your Paladin.

2. HEALING: Use a 1hand weapon & shield. Weapon is preferably a 2.5 or slower speed as this gives you better healing (to you) during combat.

3. HEALTH: as high as your gold will allow. I (with help) have socketed +12 stam gems in all of my sockets to bring Braxton's health to almost 14k unbuffed.

4. ARMOR: As always continue working on advancing to the best you can get through Instances, Battle Grounds, and/or Auction House. BGs are the easiest areas to aquire quite possibly the first epics your character will be wearing. Grind through these and you will be on a good start for your paladin.

Below is a website that I found with some decent information on it for all classes. (couldn't get it to link properly)


I am still learning how to improve my tanking skillz so those of you with more experience or additional helpful info please post it.
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Paladin Tank Reqs
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