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 Some nice hunter info that you may want to refference.

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PostSubject: Some nice hunter info that you may want to refference.   Tue Aug 19, 2008 7:37 am

Hit Rating
Hit cap: 136
Hit cap (With surefooted: Surv talent): 89
Hit cap is crucial for ever class in PvE. Especially hunters, if you don't quite have the gear, you can get surefooted with any other 51pt BM/Marks build, so don't pass it up if your a little low on hit rating.

Armor Penetration
Blizzard itemizes penetration at

7 penetration = 1 STR = 1 AGI = 1 Crit = 1 hit = 2 AP

Coincidentally, on mobs it comes out pretty close to 7 penetration = 1 STR

In PvP against pallies or shaman (~9k+ armor) it's less valuabale than this, but against clothies it's more valuable than this. Basically the more you have, the more valuable and benifitial it will be to you, and since hunters could not effectively use executioner (the primary source of armor pen in large amounts) it's hard to say this is a viable PvE stat. Unfortunately as new as Apen is it is difficult to find reliable data to prove or disprove the fact.

Gearing Your Hunter
Here are the formulas for how the different stats affect a level seventy Hunter:
Ranged Damage

1 Agility = 1 Ranged Attack Power
14 Ranged Attack Power = 1 Ranged DPS (Damage Per Second)
40 Agility = 1% chance to critical hit

Melee Damage

1 Agility = 1 Melee Attack Power
14 Melee Attack Power = 1 Melee DPS
14 Agility = 1 Melee DPS
1 Strength = 1 Melee Attack Power
14 Melee Attack Power = 1 Melee DPS
14 Strength = 1 Melee DPS

Defense, Health, and Mana

2 Agility = 1 Armor Point
25 Agility = 1% Chance to Dodge
1 Stamina = 10 Health Points
1 Intellect = 15 Mana Points
Courtesy of : http://www.tentonhammer.com

Overall Rating
How to mix and match the stat bonuses with the various bonus effects is always complicated. In essence though it comes down to the following orders.

Marksmanship Hunters: Attack Power, Agility, Hit (to cap), Critical Hit, Intellect, Stamina

Beast mastery / Survival Hunters: Agility, Hit (to cap), Critical Hit, Stamina, Attack Power, Intellect

PvP Hunters (regardless of build): Resilience, Stamina, Build priorities as above.
Courtesy of: http://www.tentonhammer.com

All in all this is a pretty good start on some widely argued hunter points and any replies are not just welcomed, but needed.
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Some nice hunter info that you may want to refference.
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