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 Meeting a Lady off WoW (big mistake)

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PostSubject: Meeting a Lady off WoW (big mistake)   Wed Sep 10, 2008 2:25 pm

So after a couple weeks of conversing on the phone with this girl that lived around my area I decided to go meet her at a local mall to see if all this talk was relationship worthy. We hit it off rather well over the phone but I guess it is a lot easier to say certain things over the phone than it is in person were body language and personality becomes a factor, trying to impress the person figuring out what annoys you what you like about that person.

I find it interesting how girls take pictures to make them more interesting for the lack of a better word/ trying to not be rude cause looks is not really an issue for me, there does have to be an initial physical attraction but I am more for the inside as I am more of an emotional mushy touchy feely clingy type person that quality about me supposedly she did not like.

Side Note: She brought her friend to the mall as extra female back up for a second opinion and more pressure on my side to impress/or to make me more nervous than I already was, from my little experience in dating most younger women like to have their decisions made by friends or close relatives.

Picture of the girl I recently met at the mall:


Another girl in my area that I never have met but claims she would date me in a heart beat:


Now out of those two pictures I can tell you that both of those girls don't look anything like that in person. Why take pictures like that and send them to someone you are potentially going to meet later on, only to find them dumbfounded cause they feel like they were lied to.

The lesson I learned about all that was Never meet a chick off WoW!

P.S. The lady I met at the mall a few days ago admitted to forgetting to tell me she had a 2 year old son. Hmm sounds interesting?
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Meeting a Lady off WoW (big mistake)
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